You Can Not Reuse Plastic Bottles

Nowadays, we can not do without the use of plastic that surrounds us everywhere, starting with the packaging of food and other goods, and almost all household appliances have plastic elements.

This is not to mention the building materials, as well as windows, doors and other objects.

As is known, when heating plastics, it releases harmful substances, which cause not only headaches, but also a number of serious diseases. Perhaps that is why, in many European countries, they try to limit themselves as much as possible from the impact of such material, replacing it with natural wood or paper.

American scientists, after carrying out the research, determined that plastic bottles can be used only once, because, when empty, microcracks appear inside the plastic container, in which harmful bacteria, including intestinal virus, settle. It should be noted that this applies to bottles not only from juices or sweet soda water, but also ordinary drinking water. Therefore, it is not recommended to use them for secondary storage of liquid.

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