You can not Remove Moles yourself

On the body of each person there are birthmarks, at the same time, sometimes they are attractive, and in some cases on the contrary spoil the appearance, because of what people try to get rid of them.

Just want to warn, do not do it yourself at home, because it can lead to serious consequences. These formations on the skin differ not only in their size and shape, but also in color. They can be beige, brown or black, as well as smooth or with hairs growing on them.

Unlike birthmarks, which are congenital, birthmarks can be formed at any age. Back in ancient times it was believed that the mole on the face attached a special appeal to appearance, so many women put themselves artificial moles.

Whatever was a mole, it should be removed by a specialist, because this is not a simple cosmetic procedure.

Benign Education Can Reborn in Melanoma

Despite the fact that they are considered benign tumors, very often there are cases of their transformation into melanoma, and the sooner it is revealed, the greater the chance of a positive result. Naturally, not all moles turn into cancerous tumors, but some of them must be constantly observed and if it increases or changes in color, and if it suddenly bleeds, it is necessary to see a doctor as soon as possible.

In addition, one should be careful not to allow injury to the moles, because this can lead to its transformation into a malignant tumor. That’s why you can not deal with them by yourself.

To determine that the usual birthmark has turned into melanoma, can only the dermatologist, after she has been examined. As practice shows, people who themselves removed springs, more often used for their cauterization such folk remedies, as juice from onions or garlic, alcohol and even vinegar. However, experts note that treating birthmarks with such caustic substances can cause inflammation of the skin, not to mention that it can lead to tragic consequences.

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