Why You Should not Start a Diet in Autumn

Those people who are overweight, often adhere to strict diets in order to get rid of a few pounds.

Everyone knows that obesity does not only reduce efficiency and worsen the quality of life, but also provokes the development of many diseases, including diabetes and hypertension.

Experts note that at present, residents of many European countries, and regardless of age, have problems with overweight, the main reasons for which is a sedentary lifestyle and malnutrition.

This is especially true for children because several decades ago, before the advent of the Internet, they practically spent all their free time on sports grounds, or engaged in outdoor outdoor games. Such a schedule prevented the appearance of obesity, and also strengthened the general state of health.

Waiver From Some Products May Disrupt Exchange of Substances

Most experts do not recommend to follow strict diets, during which to exclude certain foods from the diet, because this can lead to disruption of the metabolic process and reduce the protective functions of the body in opposing various diseases. This is especially true for the autumn period of time, because this can cause irritation, fatigue and apathy.

The fact is that at this time the organism is being reconstructed and any changes, including nutrition, can negatively affect the general state of health.

Experts recommend that you eat vegetables and fruits as often as possible, especially bananas, because they also improve the mood as well as black chocolate. In this case, do not forget that any products, including useful ones, must be eaten in a certain amount, because overeating is one of the causes of obesity.

With regard to sweet fruits and berries, because of the large amount of glucose they can cause a rise in blood sugar. Just do not forget that the use of vegetables, especially cabbage and pumpkin, contribute to removing harmful substances from the body and improving the intestinal microflora.