Why You Need to Drink Dairy Products

A certain category of people with age refuse to consume milk and products from it, but experts determined that it is not necessary to completely exclude them from the diet, because this can cause not only metabolic disturbance, but also other negative consequences.

In sour-milk products contains a large number of useful substances necessary for the normal operation of all organs, including the heart and brain, not to mention the stomach and intestines.

Regardless of age, a person needs to replenish the body with calcium, and, as is known, this product is rich in this mineral. The main symptoms that indicate a deficiency of calcium are:

– cramps and numbness of the extremities
– nail brittleness and the appearance of caries
– sleep disturbance
– memory impairment

What Causes Calcium Deficiency

Lack of calcium leads to spasms of nerve endings of the hands, which can lead to numbness or tingling of the fingers.

In addition, people often have leg cramps at night, which causes pain and naturally affects the quality of sleep. It is not a secret to anyone that in bones and teeth there is a lot of calcium and if it is not enough, then their quality deteriorates.

As a result, fragility of the nails is observed, caries appear, as well as frequent fractures even with small injuries. Experts argue that this product contributes to the production of serotonin, which is the hormone of sleep.

Refusal to consume milk can be the main cause of insomnia, but, as you know. Poor quality of sleep adversely affects the overall well-being, leads to rapid aging of the body and reduces immunity. In addition, such products positively affect the psychological state and prevent the appearance of sclerosis, because they improve memory. When choosing this product is not recommended to buy one that has a long shelf life, because it contains a lot of preservatives. The same applies to the percentage of fat, because in fat-free cottage cheese or kefir, useful substances are much less than in a natural product.