Why You Feel Drowsiness

Why You Feel DrowsinessIn the autumn period of time, when the day becomes shorter, there is a cool, rainy weather, many people spend less time in the open air, which causes certain problems with the work of the body.

At this time, there is often a state of apathy, fast fatigue, and drowsiness, which adversely affects overall well-being and worsens the quality of life. The appearance of sleepiness is most often due to the systematic lack of sleep, which is encountered by an increasing number of people, especially MAMONT ประเทศไทย young people.

The fact is that with the advent of the Internet, some people spend too much time on electronic means, which causes a number of diseases, including obesity, visual impairment, as well as a Hammer of Thor ประเทศไทย disturbance of the nervous system, which leads to sleep disturbance.

Causes of persistent drowsiness

Causes of persistent drowsinessSpecialists note several reasons, because of which one constantly wants to sleep and among them:

– fatigue;
– changes in blood pressure;
– lack of fresh air;
– constant noise;
– Various diseases.

In our time, in order to earn decent amounts of money, some people have to work hard, which naturally leads to fatigue.

There is a certain category of persons who work for 10-12 hours a day, while during the week they have one day off, and for a year they rest not more than 10 days. Such a schedule leads to rapid fatigue, which Atlant Gel ประเทศไทย adversely affects the quality of sleep.

Therefore, it is necessary to try to normalize your working day and have more rest, because, as it makes it possible to improve, both physical and psychological state. The most common diseases are diabetes and hypertension, which most often appear due to excess weight, as well as nervous stress. Abrupt pressure changes are a dangerous factor, especially for the elderly, so you need to constantly monitor the pressure, especially since today Maxitrim Coffee Pilipinas there is no need to visit a medical facility, and do it at home. The more time we spend in the open air, the better the blood is enriched with oxygen, which largely depends on the work of such important organs as the heart and the brain.

Therefore, regardless of the weather conditions, try to get out as often as possible to fresh air, while it’s better to go for a walk in the park area. Employees of office establishments need to ventilate the premises more often. In order to sleep was strong, experts also recommend airing the room, which will increase the access of oxygen and normalize the humidity. Often the cause of drowsiness is a constant noise, it means work Diamond ประเทศไทย in some enterprises, where during the whole shift the machines or units produce a monotonous sound. In such cases, employees must use special headphones. If a person suffers from any disease, then they are the cause of sleep disturbance, because often because of the pain you have to wake up, which in the end contributes to sleepiness during the day.

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