Why Worth Watching Moles?

It is generally believed that moles adorn the exterior, especially when they are located on the face.

It is worth noting that each person has a different number. The fact is that throughout life their number can vary.

A lot of moles are not evidence of the onset of the disease, but you must constantly check to not cause mechanical damage.

Especially it concerns those birthmarks which are in places of friction of clothes, therefore it is recommended to remove them in time. The matter is that with accidental damage, negative consequences can be observed, including the development of an oncological disease.

The same applies if there is a change in the color or appearance of the moles. Those people who have a lot of them should not sunbathe under the sun, but choose a shadow for this, and do not forget to use a protective cream.

Dermatologists recommend, in order to constantly monitor the condition of moles, to draw up a special map on which to mark their location and periodically check their condition.

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