Why There Is Chills

Some people often feel a chill, which is not caused by the cooling of the air.

Scientists from the UK as a result of the experiments have determined that such a state can arise due to some factors, for example, frequent lack of sleep. The fact is that this contributes to an increase in the body of cortisol, and as is known, this hormone affects the work of the central nervous system, resulting in a chill.

In addition, such symptoms can arise due to a disruption in the thyroid gland, because exactly this body is responsible for the metabolic process.

Experts argue that in our time too many people suffer from diabetes, and this applies not only to older people, but also to young people.

Among the symptoms that testify to this disease is coldness of the hands and feet, which ultimately leads to trembling in the whole body. The same can happen when an infection gets into the body, because it has to fight off pathogenic bacteria, spending extra energy. If a chill does not appear in the whole body, but in some areas, then most often the cause is skin diseases in the form of eczema.

Because of Iron Deficiency in Organism

Lack of minerals, vitamin can be the cause of rapid fatigue, irritability, as well as a feeling of cold, especially iron deficiency, which causes anemia. Some types of medicines, including sedatives, contribute to a slowing of the heartbeat, due to which the tissues do not receive enough nutrients.

In some category of people, this sensation can arise from fright or experience. Diseases of some organs can also provoke such a condition, most often it concerns the stomach of the intestine.

In any case, a frequent chill indicates a violation in the work of the body or the presence of any disease, so the best option is to undergo a medical examination, remembering that any disease is easier to cure in the early stages. Also in the off-season it is necessary to choose the right clothes and shoes to avoid supercooling the body.