Why There is an Alarm Condition Without a Cause

Everyone probably more than once experienced the feeling of anxiety, restlessness, and it is a normal reaction of the organism in case of real danger or threat.

However, often there are cases when people are exposed to such a state without a reason that may be indicative of different diseases.

Primarily, this may be a violation of the endocrine system, resulting in failure of the whole organism. Therefore, in such cases it is advisable to check the condition of the thyroid gland. If there are problems with the heart of the system work, the brain may not get enough oxygen, which is why there is a feeling of anxiety.
Long stay in the state of nervous tension, mental disorders result in poor quality of sleep, which in turn affects the emotional state.

In addition, food products also play a significant role, because it is now difficult to acquire those that do not contain harmful substances composed of influencing not only the physical but also on the morale.

How to get rid of anxiety?

The best way to get rid of anxiety is a good mood and positive emotions. To achieve this result, you must learn to enjoy simple things – a sunny day, family members, weekends, or even a trip to work early in the morning. Try to rid yourself of negative thoughts and everything that can activate them (sad music, films with a dramatic plot, quarrels and scandals with loved ones). Remember that any problem can be solved, so do not dwell on it. You can achieve great success if you learn to control your own emotions.

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