Why Should I Discard Tea in Sachets

It is not a secret to anyone that tea, both green and black varieties, has a positive effect on the work of the whole organism, not to mention that quench thirst, the magazine http://products-eu.com/ informs.

In our time, tea is widely used in packages, because it is convenient during brewing. However, most experts say that it is better to refuse such a drink and there are several reasons for this. One of them is that for strength the bags are often treated with a special liquid, which consists of synthetic resins, soluble in acetone or alcohol.

Such substances, getting into the body, have the property of accumulating, which can lead to various chronic diseases, not to mention the deterioration of the general condition.

Also, do not forget that the contents of the bags most often are low-grade teas, as well as tip dust, which is practically unsuitable for use.

In the Tea Composition May Be Present Chemical Substances

In addition, there are cases when special colors are added to add color, the presence of which can be determined by lowering the package into cold water. If the color of the water quickly colored, then this tea is not suitable for use. Perhaps, therefore, it is necessary to give preference to large leaf tea, which, although it is brewed longer, has a pleasant taste and useful properties.

Experiments note that the tea contains antioxidants, which help to remove harmful accumulations from the body and strengthen immunity.

Green tea is recommended to drink in the morning, because it has invigorating properties, while it is better to refuse the addition of sugar and cream, replacing them with a spoonful of natural honey. Scientists have proved that such beverages contain substances that slow the aging of cells, which is an important factor, especially for the fair sex. In some people, especially young people, fruit teas are very popular, because they have the aroma of berries, flowers and various herbs, but it should be remembered that in most cases artificial substitutes are used instead of natural ingredients that contain chemicals that cause impaired liver function, kidneys, as well as provoke the onset of cancer.

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