Why Hair Loss occurs

Scientists claim that there are about a hundred thousand hairs on the head of a person, each of them growing no more than six years, after which they drop out, and new ones grow to replace them.

There is such a pigment as melanin, which is responsible for the color of the hair, eyes, skin, and the shades differ depending on how much it is contained in the body, for example, in blondes it is practically absent, whereas for brunettes it is the most.

However, with age, almost all people have graying hair, which indicates that the body is naturally aging cells.

Nowadays there is a sufficient amount of cosmetic means with which you can dye your hair in any color, but this is not the only problem, because many people often have a lot of hair loss, which sometimes leads to the appearance of baldness in men, and in women hair thinning .

How to Properly Care for Hair

Such a change in the hair cover is influenced by many factors, for example, a malfunction in the immune system, various skin diseases, malnutrition, and prolonged stay in a state of stress. To ensure that your hair is always dense, reflect the natural shine and do not fall out in large quantities, you need to properly care for them, for which it is appropriate to choose shampoo depending on the fat content of the hair.

Wash your head no more than twice a week, of course this does not apply to people who are forced to do this more often because of their professional activities. It is not recommended to use someone else’s comb, because it should be for each individual.

You can not go without a hat, as in winter on frosty days, and in the summer when the bright sun shines on the street, because they negatively affect the condition of the hair. An important role is played by the diet, because because of the low-calorie diet, the body does not receive the right amount of nutrients, vitamins and other components that are responsible not only for the condition of hair and nails, but also for the work of many organs.

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