Why Dumb hands?

Many people have faced a situation where, most often during sleep, because of uncomfortable posture, numbness of hands occurs.

The reason for this is that squeezing the hand, blood supply worsens.

In such situations, when the limb is released, the colic passes quickly, and this is a completely natural process, not indicative of various kinds of diseases.

However, if it is observed that the hands or feet are dumb for no reason and this feeling does not go away for a long time, then this can indicate serious diseases. One of them is the problem with the cervical vertebra, due to the violation of which the nerve is jammed, which leads to such symptoms.

In addition, jamming can cause headaches, coordination problems, therefore, it is recommended to visit a doctor. People who work at the computer, or are busy with work, during which the main load occurs on the hands, can also experience numbness symptoms. This disease, like many others, is treatable, if at the time of contacting specialists.

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