Why Do You Need to Run Regularly?

Why Do You Need to Run Regularly?One of the most accessible sports for all categories of the population is running, which helps to strengthen the overall health, and also does not allow the development of excess weight.

Daily engaged in running, a person increases endurance, working capacity, not to Collamask Suisse mention the positive effect on the respiratory system and the work of the heart system. Japanese scientists managed to prove that systematic employment of this sport, relieve nervous tension, improve the quality of sleep and mood, which favorably affects the psychological state and does not allow the development of depression.

You can run at any time of the year, having previously selected a comfortable clothing for the season. In order to get the maximum benefit from such exercises, jogging should be done in the park areas, away from the highways Collamask Schweiz and industrial enterprises. Like any sport, running requires special attention, because, depending on age and physical abilities, you need to determine in advance the distance that you plan to overcome.

The fact is that large physical exertion can adversely affect the work of the heart and lead to rapid DR.HANCY 台灣 fatigue, which will negatively affect health.

Unconfirmed myths about the benefits of running

There are several myths that are not really a reality:

1. While jogging, drink as much liquid as possible;

2. It’s better to run barefoot;

3. The longer the distance, the better;

4. Running promotes the development of arthritis.

runningAs for drinking water, every day a person should drink on average about two liters, regardless of whether he is running or not. In this case, drinking water, when there is no thirst is not necessary, because it can worsen the work of the stomach and intestines. It should be remembered that water should be at room temperature, because drinking cold water can cause a MaxiSize Gel Taiwan spasm of blood vessels, especially after a long run, when the body is warmed up.

Recently, it has become fashionable to run barefoot, as evidenced by videos posted on social networks, where a group of young people run barefoot along the coast. If such a run on the sand positively affects the soles of your feet, running on asphalt or dirt can damage your legs, not to mention the fact that in such cases, the degree of injury increases.

In order to overcome long distances, you need to have a good physical training, for which you should train every day, starting with small distances, which gradually increase. An important factor is the speed of running, because the most useful for health is jogging.

There is an opinion that those people who run a lot often have problems with knee joints, as a result of which arthritis develops. However, it is not. Provided that before the start of the race, as well as performing other MaxiSize 凝膠 台灣 physical exercises, it is necessary to warm up.

In addition, many people are interested in what time of the day is better to choose in order to run. According to experts, for each person it can be different and, if they prefer to make jogs in the mornings, then the second category of people feels more comfortable in the evening.

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