Why Do Rural Children Have Immunity?

Some parents, walking on the street with a small child, do not part with wet napkins or a bottle of water in order to constantly wash the hands of the baby, who often falls and takes up various objects.

However, this should not be done, because, as these children are weakened by immunity, and in the future it will be more difficult for them to deal with infectious diseases.

This conclusion was reached by scientists from Belgium, who for a long time conducted research.

Naturally, before eating, you need to wash your hands, but this does not mean that you should do it often. Thus, it turned out that children living in rural areas differ from urban peers with better health.

The fact that most of their free time they spend on the street, to that often walk unattended, because as in the village it is safer to let a child go alone. And this is despite the fact that urban children have more opportunities to go in for sports, visiting various clubs, swimming pools.

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