Why Do not Use Hand Dryers

It is well known that most infectious diseases are caused by violation of hygiene rules.

The fact is that while in public places, touching the door handles, handrails and other items, a large number of bacteria accumulate on the hands, which, getting into the body, cause various diseases, including chronic ones.

This is especially true during the epidemic of viral diseases, when it is necessary not only to wash hands with soap and water constantly before meals, but also to use face shields that need to be changed every two hours of use.

Currently, practically all restaurants, railway stations and public places have hand dryers, because most citizens believe that this method is considered the safest.

However, scientists from the UK conducted a study, which revealed that in such devices, in addition to dust and dirt, many harmful organisms are contained, regardless of their producers.

Therefore, experts advise, while in a public place, after washing your hands, it is better to use paper towels or wet napkins.

The devices in which can be bacteria

Do not forget that the use of household appliances create certain comfort and convenience, however, when using them, you must follow the rules so that instead of good, do not harm your health. It is well known to all that a large number of microbes also accumulate in the air conditioner, therefore it is necessary during maintenance to replace air filters.

To prevent harmful bacteria from accumulating in enclosed spaces, instead of using air fresheners, most of which can cause not only allergies, but also other diseases, it is necessary to ventilate the rooms as much as possible, regardless of the weather conditions.

It is worth remembering that if you follow the hygiene standards, you should not overdo it, because you can often observe situations when during a walk, moms often wipe their hands with napkins or wash them with soap, which adversely affects the strengthening of immunity.

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