Why Do Children Need to Happen on the Street?

Currently, a certain category of children spend too much time in closed rooms, especially this became relevant with the advent of the Internet.

At the moment almost any schoolboy has a smartphone, a tablet, not to mention the fact that computers are installed at home, which they pay too much attention, which naturally negatively affects the overall health.

Experts say that in order for a child to grow without psychological and physical problems, and also as rarely as possible to be exposed to various diseases, it is necessary to take as a rule more time to be outdoors, especially in summer.

As a result of the research conducted by American scientists, it was found that street gaming sports are especially useful, because it develops the physical form, and also positively affects the work of the brain and promotes the development of intuition.

The Health Benefits of Gaming Sports

In addition, mobile games form such traits of character as friendliness, responsibility and sociability. If children are often on the street, then naturally they move more. As a result, extra calories are wasted, which does not allow the emergence of excess weight, which, unfortunately, every year suffers an increasing number of children.

As for gadgets, you should not completely abandon their use, but it is recommended that they pay attention not more than two hours during the day.

During the summer holidays, a good option will be a hiking trip to the forest, to the river, naturally accompanied by adults, which makes it possible to cook food at the stake, to communicate with nature, and this has a positive effect on the central nervous system. And this is not speaking about strengthening the physical condition and getting a lot of pleasant impressions. Among the most common game sports on the street is football, basketball and volleyball, which all children like to play. In addition, do not give up swimming in open water, of course on specially equipped beaches, where the rescue service personnel are on duty.