Who Is Not Recommended To Observe Post

For believing people fasting is an important action, through which there is a purification not only physical, but spiritual.

However, there is a certain category of people who hold fasting in order to get rid of extra pounds.

Recently, overweight is one of the main problems that occurs, both in older people and in young people. Experts argue that it is obesity is the main cause of many Collamask don duine chronic diseases that worsen the quality of life.

Among them, the most common are hypertension, diabetes, problems with the work of many organs, not to mention arthritis and other diseases. During fasting, people refuse to eat foods such as meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products, which Collamask 为了脸 can lead to a disruption in the metabolism. The fact is that during this period of time in the body there is an insufficient amount of certain vitamins, amino acids and minerals, which naturally contributes to a decrease in immunity.

Such A Diet Can Only Be Observed By Healthy People

Therefore, nutritionists recommend fasting only to completely healthy people.

In this case, such a diet is contraindicated to a certain group of people, to which persons who have undergone the operation of internal organs.

In addition, the risk group includes those people who often have infectious or colds. Do not give up full nutrition to those citizens who have stomach Collamask for face or bowel disease, because this can cause an exacerbation.

It is not recommended to fast people suffering from epilepsy, hypertension and diabetes, as well as pregnant women, because being in such a position they need a balanced diet for the proper development of the fetus.

The same goes for those people who are daily engaged in heavy physical labor, because they have to expend a lot of energy and calories, the deficit of which can lead to exhaustion.

Those people who keep fasting should also diversify their diet, in which not only cereals should be present, but also legumes, mushrooms, nuts, honey and other vegetable food, necessary for the full functioning of the body.

Do not Collamask за лице forget that it has long been proven that no diet can not lose weight, if you do not pay special attention to an active lifestyle. While playing sports, it is possible to burn excess calories, while not necessarily visiting sports clubs, but it is enough to take the rule of doing daily morning jogs.

It is not a bad option to walk in the evenings, because it is proved that those people who walk a distance of at least five kilometers a day on foot are much less likely to suffer from obesity, not to mention the fact that Collamask 面部皮膚 they improve the work of the heart and brain, and also removes nervous tension. Thanks to this, the sleep normalizes, the mood improves, which has a positive effect on the general health and promotes longevity.