Which Office Desks Are Less Harmful to Health

Everyone knows that every year the number of people who are engaged in sedentary work is increasing, which naturally leads to the probability of the appearance of various diseases.

Especially it became noticeable खरीद Erogan in the last few years with the advent of the Internet, without which it is impossible in our time to imagine the existence and development of economic progress.

In this category of people, the most common diseases are obesity, visual impairment, problems with the musculoskeletal system, and a high likelihood of developing hypertension and diabetes.

Scientists conducted a series of Valgosocks cena experiments in order to find out how to avoid certain diseases. One of them was the installation in the offices of tables for standing work.

However, this experiment did not give a positive result, because such work had an even more negative impact on both physical and psychological health.

The fact is that prolonged standing increases the level of pain, which Bust Size krém cena in turn reduces the performance and slows the brain. Thus, labor productivity is reduced. Therefore, the best option is the presence in the office of standing and sitting desktops, so that employees can independently choose the most convenient position.

Some Recommendations For Office Staff

As a result of the experiment it was found out that to improve the state of health and not allow the development of diseases, it is necessary to adhere to several basic rules:

– spend more time on physical education
– do not give up a full dinner
– conduct warm-ups during working hours
– normalize sleep
– follow the posture

For such a category of workers, one of the important factors affecting the overall health status is more time to devote to different sports, for which it is not necessary to visit clubs, but rather to run daily, walk Bust Size reviews price more, for which it is possible to refuse the use of public transport , which can be replaced by a bicycle.

Experts say that to improve the performance of the cardiovascular system, walking on the stairs has a positive effect, so do not use the elevator.

In order to improve the blood supply system and prevent the appearance of clots, which leads to the formation of thrombi, for every 45 minutes of work should be at least ten minutes to give a warm-up.

Thus, it will not be possible, only to improve the overall physical condition, but also to relieve the eye strain. There is a certain category of employees who refuse a full-fledged lunch, having a snack at the work table what to do should not be, because, first of all, the stomach and intestines are harmed, and also does not make it possible to relieve the tension that appears due to prolonged sitting.

In order not to lose weight, it is necessary to control the amount of calories Bust Size 油价 consumed, and since such work does not allow them to be used, low-calorie foods should be preferred, while the diet should be varied so that the body does not lack vitamin and other nutrients.