When to Flatten a Bed

Almost all people wake up in the morning, cover the bed, and only then do the gymnastics, go to the shower and have breakfast.

Undoubtedly, when the bed is made, there are no signs of disorder, which makes the room more comfortable. However, scientists from the United Kingdom conducted a number of studies, as a result of which it became known that such actions could lead to deterioration of health.

What danger do they have in themselves?

It turns out the whole thing is that in the bed, which is made up right after sleeping, there are millions of dust mites, for reproduction of which such a moist environment is most favorable. In addition, they have something to eat, since for this purpose the particles of exfoliated skin are well suited.

Stroke Bedspread After 15 Minutes After Awakening

According to experts, such ticks can cause a person not only allergies, but also more serious diseases, such as eczema, dermatitis and asthma. In addition to these insects, bacteria, spores of fungus and mold were also found, most of them present in the beds of those people who often lie down eating food while watching television.

No matter how they try to be neat, there are crumbs in the bed that are well suited to increase the number and growth of such biological forms.

Such bacteria contribute to the occurrence of skin diseases, as well as the inflammatory processes of the organs of vision and rhinitis. However, from such mites, mold, fungus and bacteria can be disposed of quite simply.

For this you should take it as a rule, in the morning, immediately after sleep, you should not put a blanket on the bed, but you need to do it in about fifteen minutes. This time is enough to destroy their population. A good result is the ventilation of the room, especially if at that time the sun’s rays hit the bed, and this procedure is much more effective than using air fresheners. In addition, it is necessary as often as possible to wash the bed linen, which must be sewn from natural fabrics, and on a sunny hot day to dry the blanket, mattress and pillows.

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