When to Begin Toddler Development

Some mothers ask the question, from what age it is necessary to start developing the child’s mental abilities.

Chinese scientists conducted a number of experiments, as a result of which they found out that this must be done already on the 10th day after the birth of the baby.

The fact is that in the first year of life, the child forms 80% of the brain, and by about 90% for three years, and this indicates that the first years of life affect the child’s further mental abilities.

In addition, at this age there is a formation of the vestibular apparatus, as well as the development of many organs, so it is necessary to pay enough attention to physical development. In this case, do not forget that the more it moves, the better the process of development of the entire body.

It is proved that those children with whom at an early age did a lot of work, were able to achieve significant successes, both in sport and in science. In order for a child to develop a better memory, parents should read as much as possible fairy tales to them, which, by the way, instill in children kindness, caring for other people.

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