What to Look For When Buying Early Vegetables

Everyone is well aware that including in the diet, as much as possible fruits and vegetables, the body receives many useful substances, in addition to improving the work of the gastrointestinal tract, which is also an important factor.

Especially coveted are the early vegetables and fruits, which spring appear on the shelves of stores.

Most experts say that their use must be strictly controlled, because sometimes the content of nitrates in them exceeds the permissible standards. Scientists, after conducting a series of experiments, determined that not so much nitrates harm health, as the substances used to extend the shelf life.

Currently, there are about two thousand species, including pesticides. Getting into the body such substances, form nitrosamines, which in turn provoke the development of various diseases, including cancer.

Most vegetables are processed from the outside, so they should be washed thoroughly before use, because most of the chemicals used dissolve in water. The ingestion of nitrates often leads to poisoning, therefore, before using early vegetables and fruits, it is recommended that you follow certain tips.

How To Reduce The Content Of Nitrates

Experts argue that more of them accumulate in vegetables green, as well as in greenery, so one of the best options for reducing the concentration of nitrates is pre-soaking in clean water, which makes it possible to reduce the presence of harmful substances by 30%.

Thermal treatment also gives a good result and reduces the nitrate content by almost 80%.

In each vegetable there are areas with the highest concentration of nitrates, for example in green – this stalk, as well as in beetroots, but in carrots they accumulate more in the middle of the fetus. It is worth noting that vegetables are better absorbed in combination with fatty foods, which also reduce the level of nitrates. In this case, it is better to give preference to vegetable oil, especially olive oil, which is well-seasoned with any salad.

The main symptoms indicating that the amount of nitrates in the body exceeds the allowable limits, is shortness of breath, because they impair oxygen enrichment.

When choosing vegetables, you need to pay attention to their appearance, which should have natural shapes and optimal dimensions, because too large sizes indicate the use of a large number of chemicals during their growing.

In the case of a specific odor or unnatural color, it is better to refuse to purchase such products, because its use will do more harm than good. In the spring season, when there are no seasonal vegetables, it is better to buy them frozen, because this kind of storage makes it possible to save all the useful properties.

As for fruits, it is better to give preference to dried apricots, prunes, raisins and other dried fruits.

To less suffer from catarrhal and viral diseases, do not give up using wild rose, cranberry mors, and also include citrus cultures in the diet, because they contain a lot of vitamin C.