What to do after overeating?

During the banquet, weddings and other festive events, luxurious tables are offered, on which are arranged many different dishes, including delicacies that attract the attention of guests.

All these dishes are so appetizing that it is impossible not to try not to try each of them, and this is not to mention the great variety of drinks that eventually leads to overeating. Anyone who at least once got into this situation, knows well how unpleasant this feeling, because there is heartburn, bloating and heaviness in the stomach, a person becomes less active, because of which his quality of life deteriorates.

If you are in this situation, in order to quickly improve your health and restore efficiency, experts suggest using some tips.

To get rid of the pain in the stomach can be with the help of a decoction of cooked, from mint, or ginger. A good effect gives chamomile tea, which has healing and soothing properties. If you feel that you have overeaten, do not go to bed immediately, but rather move more, which is a good walk.

Overeating is a big burden for health

During this time, you will not only get rid of this unpleasant feeling, because the digestion process will accelerate, but also breathe fresh air, which will also positively affect your health and contribute to a sound sleep. The next morning it’s better to start with clean water, preferably with lemon juice, which will help get rid of bloating.

In this case, do not refuse breakfast, which should consist of light foods, and in no case do not go on a hunger strike, because, having missed this meal, you will have an appetite for dinner that you will again eat more than normal, which will lead to overeating.

Do not forget to keep the water balance in your body, for which you should drink at least ten glasses of water during the day, which will help eliminate toxins and positively affect the state of your metabolism.

The most important rule is to try to avoid overeating. You should always stop eating after feeling the heaviness in your stomach. If you can not limit yourself, try dividing portions into several meals. Thus, you can control your metabolism much more effectively.

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