What the Rules of Hygiene Should Be

At the association of doctors, which took place in one of the American universities, it was concluded that most people wrongly refer to hygiene, thus worsening the state of health.

It was noted that insufficient attention is paid to dental care, which is recommended to clean at least twice a day, not to mention rinsing after each meal.

It should be noted that this conference did not mention the use of special threads, because it is proved that their use is not effective. Many people are used to taking a shower every day, and sometimes several times, but this should not be done, because a layer of microorganisms that can protect against various diseases is washed away from the skin.

Therefore, the best option for taking a shower is considered once every three days. There is an opinion that the more often you wash your head, the less likely the appearance of dandruff, but this statement is not true, but on the contrary, it breaks the process of producing sebum.

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