What Points on the Body Need to Be Protected Against Blows

In our time, there are often cases when a person has to defend himself against hooligans.

Experts recommend that in the event of such a situation, first of all make the right decision and assess the situation.

If you are not able to resist, because there are more of them, and you do not possess the techniques of various kinds of single combat, then it is best to run away.

In cases where there is no such possibility, it is necessary to know the pain points of a person who are less protected. However, it should be taken into account that striking blows at these places, without calculating your own strength, can be killed. As for the head, this is the temporal part, the crown, and also the nose and eyes, from striking against which it is possible to neutralize the bully for a certain time.

Vulnerabilities include the abdominal area, the calyx of the knee joint, and also the thorax, which protects the heart and lungs. The reasoning that a person has painful points on the body, clicking on which he can lose consciousness, most likely is a myth, and if someone has such knowledge, then such people are very few. However, it is best to avoid situations where you have to use physical force.

Be Careful!

Undoubtedly, a person cannot do without blows and bruises in everyday life. However, you must learn to protect the most vulnerable spots on your body in order to avoid serious injuries or health effects. Try to control the situation and always concentrate on the tasks that you perform in the first place. In addition, always predict further developments and minimize all possible risks. This will help you avoid many troubles.

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