What Not Recommend Before Sleeping

Those people who have problems with sleep disorders are more likely to suffer from various diseases because their immunity weakens.

In addition, they have frequent headaches, fatigue, irritability and a number of other symptoms that worsen the quality of life.

Sometimes we do not even suspect that our daily habits contribute to the emergence of insomnia. Chinese scientists, having conducted a series of experiments, identified the main causes of sleep disorders.

In addition to the state of stress, alcohol can break sleep in the evening, which, relaxing the nervous system, allows you to quickly fall asleep, but after a short time, the vessels contract, resulting in a person waking up and unable to sleep for a long time.

They also noted that spending a long time at the computer and watching TV shows also adversely affects the quality of sleep. Do not take a hot bath before going to bed, not to mention overeating, because, if you spoil your sleep, you risk gaining excess weight.

Source: www.products-eu.com