What is Hypochondria?

Nowadays, an increasing number of people with any symptoms, first of all, turns to the Internet, thanks to which they establish their own diagnosis, it is often not the most comforting, and there are cases when they themselves prescribe treatment, which can be dangerous to health.

As http://products-eu.com/ writes, in medical practice such a search for diseases is called hypochondria, and such people are difficult to effectively treat, because they are too hypochondriac and rarely believe in a positive result.

Many people know that chest pain can be a cause of heart failure, but do not panic if such symptoms appear, because this can be an intercostal neuralgia due to sudden movements.

First of all, it is necessary to measure pressure, paying attention to the heart rate, and if they are normal, then most likely this symptom is not associated with heart disease.

Causes of Pain and Severity in Caviar

With pain and heaviness in calves, some people believe that they have varicose veins, but in most cases this indicates severe physical exertion, incorrectly picked up shoes or prolonged stay, especially for workers in such specialties as sellers, hairdressers, waiters and others. If such feelings are observed at the end of the working day and pass in the morning, then, most likely, it is necessary to pay attention to proper rest.

Dizziness can be the cause of worsening blood circulation, overwork, sharp head rotation, and also during prolonged exposure to direct sun rays, and if it does not appear often, while there are no other symptoms, then there is no cause for excitement.

Sometimes people are frightened by the appearance of sore throats and voice changes in the summer period of time, because there is no likelihood of a cold disease. However, the cause of such diseases may become a viral infection, and the temperature does not increase. In a certain category of people, a panic state causes rapid heartbeat, of course, if the pulse rate exceeds 100 beats per minute, then this condition should not be ignored, but it must be remembered that, depending on the age, a pulse of 60 to 90 beats is considered normal.

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