What is Heartburn and How to Treat It

Those people who at least once experienced heartburn know how much this unpleasant feeling, which is accompanied by pain in the chest, nausea and general deterioration of well-being.

Heartburn, which usually appears suddenly, is one of the symptoms indicating a stomach ulcer or gastritis, and in some cases, for example, when it occurs in a prone position, on problems with the esophagus.

Whatever the reasons for its occurrence, do not ignore the treatment of this disease, because this can lead to more serious problems, even stomach cancer.

It is worth remembering that heartburn is not an independent disease, but a sign that violations occur in the work of the gastrointestinal tract or pancreas. In addition, a heartburn attack can be caused in case of overeating, alcohol abuse, acute and fatty foods, and persistent stress and overweight in the abdominal area.

Causes of Disease

Quite often the cause of heartburn is the side effects of some medications, or slanted work, performed immediately after meals. At the initial stage of the disease, an attack of heartburn is observed no more often than three times a month, then occurs more often, while the duration of this condition increases, and then goes into a chronic form.

In such cases, a bitter taste, a burning sensation in the chest, a belching appears in the mouth, and it becomes difficult to swallow food, resulting in a decrease in appetite.

It is worth noting that most of the symptoms of heartburn are similar with signs indicating a heart attack, so in case of problems, it is necessary to consult a doctor. We should not forget that it is impossible to cure heartburn without changing the diet, which means excluding all acidic products, confectionery products, including chocolate. Also, refuse to eat fatty, sharp and fried foods, replacing them with cereals from different cereals, dairy products with a low percentage of fat, and sweet fruit. In order not to suffer from heartburn at night, you can have supper no later than seven in the evening.

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