What Hurts Health From Loud Music

At present it is difficult to imagine how people lived decades ago without the Internet, did not use mobile phones, smartphones and other electronic equipment.

According to experts, at that time people were more often in the open air, more attention was paid to different sports, not to mention the fact that children spent almost all free time on the playgrounds communicating with their peers, which had a positive effect not only on physical, but also psychological health.

If we add to this environmentally friendly products without various harmful additives, it is not surprising that the generation of those people is more healthier.

With the advent of mobile communication, our ability to receive any information has naturally improved, not to mention the fact that you can talk on the phone from anywhere. At the same time, modern technologies are developing very rapidly, as evidenced by the emergence of new types of electronic equipment with unique properties. Now with the help of a normal smartphone you can watch movies, play, take photos, listen to music and perform other functions.

Hearing Impairment Hearing

At the moment, there is a certain category of people, especially young people, who daily devote too much time to electronic means, without thinking that this leads to the appearance of various diseases.

Scientists have proved the negative impact of electromagnetic radiation, which comes from a computer monitor or tablet. In addition, the quality of vision deteriorates, scoliosis, obesity and other health problems, including a decrease in hearing.

Especially it concerns those people who often listen to loud music with the help of headphones, because of what the sound gets directly into the ear canal. As a result of the study, American scientists managed to find out that more than 20% of children suffer from various forms of hearing ailments that have arisen because of the use of headphones.

That this did not happen, you should take a break after an hour listening to music, the volume of which should not be above the norm.

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