What Hurts From Sedentary Lifestyle

What Hurts From Sedentary LifestyleScientists have determined that every year the number of people who spend more than eight hours in a sitting position during the day increases.

The fact is that with the advent of the Internet, the number of office employees has increased significantly, which have to sit for a long time. In addition, a significant category of such people prefer to travel by personal transport, and upon Diamond ความคิดเห็น arrival home, again sit down to watch telecasts or pay attention to electronic media.

Many of them do not even guess what harm they do to health, leading this way of life. Among the most common diseases are:

– headache;
– impaired vision;
– problems with the spine;
– development of cardiovascular diseases;
– obesity;
– disruption of the nervous system.

Specialists of the University of London estimated Bactenorm ความคิดเห็น that the majority of the working-age population of the country, in a 24-hour period, are sitting for at least 14 hours, which naturally negatively affects the overall health.

Such A Category Of People Is More Often Subjected To Chronic Diseases

This category of people is more often exposed to the occurrence of headaches, and it is not surprising, because, the brain receives too much information that needs to be processed.

In addition, while in the room, the Maxi Size order blood does not receive enough oxygen, which is necessary for the normal operation of the brain. In addition, headaches arise due to poor blood flow, because there is a pinch of the cervical vertebrae. An important factor is that the radiation emanating from the computer monitor or the TV screen adversely affects the quality of vision.

Due to insufficient physical exertion, people with a low active lifestyle develop various chronic diseases, including hypertension and worsening of the cardiovascular system.

All this happens because the vascular Maxi Size commander tone decreases due to low blood circulation. As a result of the slowing down of the metabolism process, and also the extra calories are not spent, obesity appears, from which every year an increasing number of people suffer.

Experts argue that people who lead this way of life are more likely to have problems with the work of the stomach and intestines, especially for those employees who refuse a full-fledged lunch, preferring snacks at the work table.

From lack of sleep, not only there are headaches, irritability and fast fatigue, but also the work of all organs is disrupted, and the aging of the organism also occurs.

In order not to suffer from insomnia, office workers need more time to spend in the fresh air, which positively affects both the physical and psychological state.

Walking is especially useful, therefore, whenever Maxi Size bestellen possible, try to refuse trips on public transport or a private car. It’s not a bad option to ride a bicycle, not just for work or shopping at the store, but to travel outside the city. Maybe that’s why, in some companies, tennis tables are set for employees, so that during the break they can arrange a warm-up.