What Hurt From Work in the Night Time

What Hurt From Work in the Night TimeIn our time, a relatively large number of people are busy with the schedule of work at night, while some of them do not even suspect what harm is done to health.

Scientists have conducted a study, which revealed that the longer a person works at night, the faster syarat meminjam uang di bank he has an aging body, not to mention the increased likelihood of developing various chronic diseases.

In the course of the studies it was found out that such a regime most negatively affects the functioning of the cardiac system and increases the risk of heart attack, especially for people over 50 years of age. However, after switching to normal operation mode, the situation cari uang pinjaman stabilizes over time. In addition, the risk of developing diseases such as hypertension and diabetes is increasing, not to mention the rapid fatigue, constant drowsiness and bad mood. Night shifts negatively affect the nervous system, which is why such people often become irritable, they have reduced efficiency, which often leads to depression.

Day regimen for people working at night

There are certain rules, observing which, even with this mode of the day, you can significantly reduce the harm to health.

One of them is a dream, not less than eight hours a day, moreover, cara pinjam uang tanpa jaminan it can be divided, both before the night shift and after work.

To do this, you must create comfortable conditions in a dormitory.

To exclude the effects of noise, you can use ear plugs. In this case, the windows should be blinds or curtains of dense material, so as not to penetrate the light. It is worth remembering that if you can drink tea or coffee before starting the shift, then it is better to refuse from such drinks in the morning period, because caffeine acts excitantly for several hours. As a result of the fact that such a schedule tempat pinjam uang yang mudah tanpa jaminan does not allow the development of melatonin, which occurs at night, the possibility of using special preparations containing melatonin is not ruled out.

At the same time, do not forget that it is better to spend the weekend outdoors, for which it is a good idea to go to the forest, to go fishing, because it gives you the opportunity to breathe fresh air, and also to relieve nervous tension. For such people it is important to engage in sports and favorite business, because it helps to strengthen the physical and psychological state.

Due to the fact that you have to eat at night, there is a need to revise the diet.

To do this, it is necessary to exclude from the menu harmful products, which include semi-finished products, fast food, as well as smoked and fried foods, while giving preference to boiled or stewed foods. This schedule requires an additional amount of vitamin to avoid frequent diseases, so try to Erogan echte Kommentare eat more vegetables, greens, berries and fruits. In order to provide the body with additional energy, before starting to work you need to eat black chocolate, nuts, as well as foods with high protein content.