What Habits Harm the Head Brain

Nowadays, more and more people are engaged in mental work, especially this became apparent after the appearance of the Internet, when every company has a certain staff of office employees.

There are several habits that worsen the performance of the brain, and one of them is malnutrition.

Along with the products that improve brain activity, for example, olive oil, nuts, black chocolate and others, there are those, from which it is used to reduce margarine, semi-finished products, fatty, fried foods. As for alcohol and smoking, they are not compatible with mental activity, because it worsens its performance.

A sedentary lifestyle contributes not only to the appearance of extra pounds at the waist, but also negatively affects the general condition, including brain activity, as blood supply deteriorates, as a result of which it does not receive enough oxygen. Long stay in a state of stress, also affects its work and reduces the ability to work.

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