What Habits Affect Longevity

In order to slow the aging process and live as long as possible, it is necessary to give up some habits and one of them is the wrong diet.

Some people refuse breakfast, replacing it with a sandwich that is washed down, tea or coffee, but during dinner they consume a lot of fatty and high-calorie food, which does not allow the stomach and intestines to work properly.

The general condition also depends on the quality of the products, therefore, try to include as much as possible in the diet of vegetables, fruits, greens, as well as foods high in magnesium and potassium, which improve the functioning of the heart system. Another factor that influences longevity is fatigue, when people work without rest for 12 hours or more, as a result of which the body quickly wears out.

And, both physically and psychologically. Frequent experiences also speed up the aging process, so try to get rid of negative thoughts as soon as possible, and forget about all the insults. In addition, such habits include sleep deprivation, alcohol abuse or smoking, and a sedentary lifestyle.

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