What Foods Are Most Dangerous in the Summer

As a rule, the number of people suffering from food poisoning increases in the summer, and this is not surprising, because at high temperatures, food spoils much faster.

Moreover, it can be poisoned, as in a restaurant, cafes and other establishments where they offer ready-made products, and at home, despite the fact that the dishes were prepared independently. The spoilage is susceptible to all food, but experts have compiled a list that includes quickly deteriorating products, and one of them are chicken eggs.

The fact is, in the heat of harmful bacteria that cause not only poisoning, but also more serious diseases of the stomach and intestines, appear in them after a few hours if stored not in the refrigerator.

It is necessary to pay attention to confectionery products, especially cakes, cake with a cream filling, which at an air temperature above five degrees can be stored no more than one hour. If this is not possible, then it’s better to refuse to use them and not risk your health.

To Prevent Poisoning, You Must Properly Store Products

Summer, this is the time of the year when in an abundance of berries, fruits, vegetables and greens, and it is at this time that they contain the greatest amount of vitamins and nutrients, which is why, most people include these foods in their diet as often as possible. However, it is worth remembering that if they are stored in a plastic bag for a long time, they not only lose their appearance, but also become dangerous for consumption.

In view of the fact that there is no air in such a package, the process of fermentation begins in the products, as a result of which mold appears.

Naturally, about any use of such fruits in food can not be a question, because it can cause bloating, upset stomach and nausea. Moreover, even if a small area of ​​the fetus is affected by mold, it is also better to discard it. Particular attention should be paid to meat and fish products, which must be purchased only in specialized stores, where employees of the sanitary and epidemiological services are checking its quality.

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