What Factors Affect the Decline in Immunity

Scientists have managed to prove that the state of immunity is influenced by certain factors, namely, lack of sense of humor and unsociability.

Those people who, with or without it, constantly express feelings of discontent, are less protected from various viral and cold diseases, because their bodies produce more stress hormones, which in turn can weaken the protective function.

The same goes for closed-minded people who try to avoid appearing in society, preferring to lead an uncommunicative way of life. Indeed, not for nothing, among European countries, the inhabitants of Spain are distinguished by their longevity, because here almost every day there is a lot of entertainment in different regions, and participation in them is accepted by both young people and the elderly.

Therefore, to lessen the pain you need to live as actively as possible, in addition, pay attention to nutrition, preferring healthy food, and also, get enough sleep and do not refuse tourist trips, preferably visiting other countries to get more positive emotions.

How to Boost Your Immunity?

Here are just a few simple ways to speed up immunity:

1. Search for vitamins. You must provide a balanced diet with maintaining a high level of vitamins. Vegetables and fruits should be a must-have ingredient on your table. Especially pay attention to products containing a high concentration of vitamin C.
2. Water is a source of health. For good immunity, it is important to maintain a normal level of fluid in the body. You should drink at least 2 liters of water during the day.
3. No stress. Stress reduces our immunity, so try to surround yourself with good emotions and be more calm.
4. Activity. Sports and physical activity will help your body to be in good shape and stimulate metabolism.

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