What Can Cause the Appearance of Emotional Fatigue

Nowadays, an increasing number of people face the problem of emotional fatigue, especially for middle-aged and elderly people.

Scientists have learned that the main reason for this is a long stay in a state of stress. In addition, heavy physical or mental labor, lack of proper rest, also contributes to the occurrence of chronic fatigue.

The first symptoms of emotional fatigue are indifference, indifference to daily activities and performance of duties, which naturally leads not only to a decrease in efficiency, but self-esteem is lost, resulting in a bad mood.

Most often in this category are people who are not confident in their abilities and need constant approval of others.

One of the Causes is Chronic Lack of Sleep

In order to prevent this, first of all it is necessary to pay attention to good rest, and this does not apply only to holidays or weekends, but you can also visit the theater, go in for sports or in your favorite work during your free time.

It all depends on the type of work, and if those people who are engaged in heavy physical labor are better suited to passive rest, then for the intellectuals try to behave as actively as possible.

Do not forget that not only the general well-being depends on sleep, but also the work of all organs, and if you do not sleep often, they do not have time to restore normal working capacity, which leads to chronic fatigue and rapid aging of the body cells.

An important role is played by nutrition, because exactly with the products we get the necessary substances, so the diet should be diverse, including more dishes that have useful properties. It is not a secret for anyone that the inhabitants of countries where Mediterranean cuisine is popular are not only longer life span, for example in Spain it is 82 years old, but also less likely to suffer from various diseases, both physical and psychological.

Nutritionists say that some foods, such as bitter chocolate, honey and walnuts, improve mood and add extra energy, while sausage and confectionery, as well as sugary drinks and white flour products, lead to fatigue.

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