What are the Most Important Vitamins for the Body

British scientists conducted a series of studies, the purpose of which was to find out which elements and vitamins are most needed by the body, determined that one of the most important is vitamin D.

The fact that the shortage in the body is disturbed metabolism, reduces the protective properties, and most importantly, it increases the possibility of occurrence of cancers.

Therefore, in order for it to be normal, in the fresh air you need to be more in the sunny days, as well as to include in the diet of dairy products, eggs, fish. The important role played by the presence of vitamin B9, because it promotes the formation of the blood and affects the nervous system.

It can be obtained eating oranges, legumes and spinach. In the third place they put lutein, whose function is to provide good vision. Insufficient amount of various vitamins can cause changes in the body, which in turn makes it less protected against infectious diseases and viral. Therefore, try to balance their menu, because it is the products we get all the necessary materials.

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