Walking Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease

Life expectancy is influenced by various factors, including the habit, to engage in various sports.

In this case, do not forget that regardless of age, it is not necessary to expose the body to heavy loads, because this negatively affects the work of all organs, especially the heart and blood vessels.

American scientists during the study determined that people over the age of sixty who do not give up daily walks are 10% less likely to suffer from heart failure. Especially useful is intensive walking, because it helps strengthen the heart muscle.

In addition, the appearance of blood clots is prevented, as a result of which blood pressure stabilizes, and this is not to say that all organs are supplied with additional oxygen, which is beneficial for their work.

Such a Habit Contributes to Losing Weight

Also, do not forget that during walking excess calories are burned, resulting in a reduced risk of obesity, which, unfortunately, affects a growing number of people. At the same time, it is better not to walk along city streets, where there are many vehicles that pollute the air with harmful substances, but in a park, a park or in a forest.

In the autumn period it is very useful to harvest mushrooms, because during such a session a person does not even notice how much distance he overcomes. Experts argue that the campaign for mushrooms favorably affects the psychological state, relieving stress and nervous tension, and also improving the work of the entire central nervous system.

This habit has a beneficial effect on the quality of sleep, on which depends largely on how overall health and performance. For walks, evening time is best suited, especially in summer, because during the day, hot weather is often observed.

But lovers of light jogging, which are also useful for the work of the heart and blood vessels, it is better to practice in the morning, preferably before breakfast. This is especially true for the elderly, who need to move as much as possible in order to extend their life.

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