Useful Properties of Tomatoes

In the summer, it is necessary to consume as much fruit and vegetables as possible, because this makes it possible to strengthen the body, as well as replenish the supply of useful substances.

In many countries, tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables. For example, in Spain this vegetable is even dedicated to a holiday, the participants of which throw each other tomatoes.

In addition to good taste, they contain a lot of vitamin, minerals and amino acids. An important factor is that their use helps to cleanse the body of harmful accumulations.

Scientists have proved that those people who often include vegetables in the diet, are less likely to face such a disease as hypertension, due to the fact that there is a purification of blood vessels, as well as the removal of harmful cholesterol from the blood.

Favorably Affect the Work of the Heart and Vessels

Due to the presence of magnesium, potassium and zinc, the work of the heart and brain improves. It is also worth noting that the substances that make up the tomato, activate the digestive system. Because of the high content of malic and citric acid, the possibility of reproduction in the intestine of pathogenic bacteria and microbes is prevented.

Experts say that tomatoes are classified as antidepressants that have a positive effect on the central nervous system, namely, removing nervous tension and preventing the appearance of stress.

Due to the fact that this product is low-calorie, it is well suited for dietary nutrition. An adult during the day is recommended to consume 200 grams of tomato, best in the form of salads dressed with vegetable oil, preferably olive. As for the combination with other vegetables, then onions and garlic will be good, but with cucumbers it is better not to mix. In connection with the fact that they increase the secretion of gastric juice, it is not recommended to use them on an empty stomach, especially to people who have abnormalities of the stomach and intestines. The same goes for people with kidney diseases, which should limit the use of this vegetable to the maximum.

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