Useful Properties of Eggs

Useful Properties of EggsA few years ago there was an opinion that the rate of consumption of eggs should be limited, because the yolks contain a large amount of fats and cholesterol, which worsen the blood condition, which naturally negatively affects the functioning of the cardiac system.

Therefore, elderly people, as well as people suffering from chronic diseases, were Bioretin τιμή recommended to consume no more than two eggs within a week.

However, after the research, scientists have found that this product contains almost no harmful substances, while useful – a large number. The uniqueness of eggs is that they have all the necessary substances to ensure the vital functions of the body and improve the metabolic process.

Due to the fact that they contain Bioretin preț phospholipids, daily use of 2 eggs significantly improves the work of the brain. In this regard, the aging process of the cells slows down, which prevents the early appearance of sclerosis. In addition, such people are distinguished by better intelligence and memory, which is an important factor, especially for those people who are engaged in mental work, as well as for students in schools and institutions.

The Use Of Eggs Improves The Quality Of Vision

According to specialists, in our time an increasing number of people complain of a decrease in the quality of sight.

And this is not surprising, because with the advent of the Internet with such a problem not only elderly people, but also young people are faced, because radiation from the monitor leads to a deterioration of Bioretin цена vision. Due to the fact that eggs have a large amount of lutein, their systematic use improves the quality of vision.

With a deficiency of vitamin D, which is most often observed in the winter, irritability, fatigue, and mood deterioration, which adversely affect the quality of life.

In order to replenish the body with this vitamin, it is necessary to be more often in the open air, especially in sunny weather, and also include foods high in vitamin D, such as fish oil, in the diet.

However, American scientists, having conducted a number of experiments, found that in eggs the content of this vitamin is not less than in fish oil.

In addition, they contain substances that Bioretin cijena improve the condition of bones, hair, and also contribute to the purification of the liver. Due to the fact that cholesterol, which is in the egg yolk, is balanced with phosphatides, their use improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system, especially since eggs contain omega-3 acid.

Due to the fact that eggs contain choline, their consumption in moderate amounts reduces the risk of various oncological diseases by 20%.

The best time to eat this product is the first half of the day. In this case, a good option is to prepare an omelet for breakfast, which makes it possible to save a considerable amount of time, and Green Coffee giá cả replenish the body with the necessary substances.

When choosing a product, it is worth considering that it has a limited shelf life. Recently, there are cases of infection with salmonella, so before cooking, you must carefully wash them. They are stored in the refrigerator on a special shelf.