Useful Properties of Bitter Chocolate

It is well known that most confectionery products contain a lot of sugar or its substitutes, as well as food additives that have a negative effect on the work of organs and provoke obesity.

In addition, in such products, especially for cakes, cakes, a lot of saturated fats, which get into the body, worsen the work of the digestive system and increase the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood, which leads to changes in blood pressure, worsening of the heart and the development of certain chronic diseases.

However, nutritionists are not advised to refuse the use of sweet foods, with preference given to those that have useful properties, such as honey, dried fruits, halva, berries and fruits, as well as black chocolate, in which the content of cocoa beans is not less than 70%.

This Product Improves the Work of the Heart and the Head Brain

Scientists managed to prove that the use of bitter chocolate, naturally in a moderate amount, helps to improve mood and give extra energy, which reduces the risk of depression.

This is especially true in the spring and autumn periods of time, because psychologists say that it is in these months that the number of people suffering from depression increases. An important factor is that thanks to the substances contained in chocolate, blood circulation is activated, as a result of which the work of the brain improves and a good memory remains to the old age.

American scientists, as a result of studies have determined that this product is the optimal concentration of compounds, due to which improves the metabolic process, and also controls the deposition of fats, provided that no more than 30 grams of chocolate per day is consumed.

It is not surprising, but in this product contains a minimum amount of sugar, and given that it has antiseptic properties, eating it after eating, you can protect tooth enamel from the appearance of caries. Chocolate is a good option for schoolchildren’s snack, but it’s better to give it up in the afternoon, because sleep can break.