Useful Products That Children Do Not Recommend

Parents of young children try to pay special attention to their proper nutrition, because the cat of this depends on the growth and development of the baby.

However, not all mothers know that some foods that are considered useful can be harmful. For example, yogurt, which contains bacteria that improve the microflora of the intestine, however, according to experts, this does not apply to products sold in the store.

The fact is that they contain a lot of sugar and other additives, which negatively affect the work of the whole organism.

Therefore, it is necessary to give preference to own-made products, preferably using farm milk and a special starter. It should also be remembered that dairy products can not be excluded from the baby’s diet, because, it does not, only has nutritional properties, but also contains many useful substances, including calcium, necessary for the growth of the baby.

Packaged Juices Better Replace with Morse

The same applies to packaged juices, in which, in addition to a large amount of sugar, there are chemicals that improve taste and promote shelf life. They can be replaced with fruit juice and compote, prepared from fresh fruits and berries, which correspond to the season of their natural maturation.

During breakfast, nutritionists recommend giving preference to porridges, and this is not surprising, because such a dish provides energy, at least until lunch. In connection with the fact that there is little vitamin and microelements in semolina and lots of carbohydrates, it is better to replace it with buckwheat, oatmeal or pearl barley.

Despite the fact that breakfast cereals are very popular, especially for young mothers, because they do not require a long time to prepare them, do not forget that there are more harmful substances in such products than useful ones.

The fact that they are subjected to heat treatment, not to mention the presence of a large amount of sugar, which, incidentally, an adult during the day allowed a maximum of three tablespoons. Children under three years are not recommended to give grapes, because they can choke on it, as well as it contains a lot of glucose and these berries are difficult to digest.

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