Tuesday – The Most Stressful Work Day

Scientists from the UK determined that work that does not bring pleasure, more negatively affects the psychological state of a person than unemployment.

One of the reasons for this is that people are reluctant to go to work and fulfill their functional duties without manifesting initiative, and if to add to this complicated relationship with the management or colleagues, a state of depression may occur.

This is especially true after the end of the holidays, as a rule, this happens in the autumn period. Previously it was believed that the heaviest working day is Monday, because after a well-spent weekend, it’s hard to tune in to work.

However, after conducting a series of studies, it turned out that most people do not load themselves too much on the first working day of the week, postponing work on Tuesday, which turned out to be the most stressful day. In addition, it is noted that the working capacity of employees also depends on weather conditions, and if the outdoors is a warm, sunny day, then the productivity of employees is reduced.

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