TOP Best Products, Strengthening Immunity

Products Strengthening ImmunityIn order to avoid catarrhal and viral diseases during the winter period, certain rules must be observed.

One of them is a food ration, in which foods that promote immunity should be present. Spanish scientists conducted Bioretin antes y después the study over a long period of time, as a result of which it was possible to find out that including in the menu certain products can not only strengthen the protective properties of the body, but also improve the performance of many organs.

First of all, it is necessary not to allow dehydration of the body, because such a condition reduces its resistance, and also leads to the appearance of headaches, rapid fatigue and nervous disorders. Using a certain amount of water, and for an adult person the norm is at least two liters per day, the accumulation of harmful accumulations occurs from the body, and the process of metabolism improves.

Useful properties of honey

Useful properties of honeyAs you know, the large consumption of sugar worsens the cardiovascular system and leads to obesity, so try to replace it with honey, which has not only the best taste qualities, but also a whole set of useful properties.

A certain portion of honey, consumed every day, removes cholesterol from the blood, which contributes to the normalization of pressure. In addition, it improves the functioning Bioretin avant et après of the heart and brain, as well as the stomach and intestines. Do not forget that this product is the most effective remedy for colds.

It should be remembered that honey can not be heated above 50 degrees, because it loses its useful properties. Inclusion in the diet of sour-milk products is necessary for people of different age categories, at the same time, they must be present on the table at least three times a week.

This is especially true in winter, when the body does not receive enough minerals, acids and vitamins. It is proved that the use of kefir during supper helps to improve the intestinal Bioretin enne ja pärast microflora, as well as its purification from the slag, which positively affects the general condition. In addition, kefir contains probiotics, which reduce inflammatory processes.

At this time, one of the best sources of vitamin C is sauerkraut, which contains substances that improve the metabolism, as well as preventing the Bioretin před a po development of various diseases, including cancer. Often the use of this product improves the circulatory system and prevents the occurrence of blood clots.

In addition, cabbage is an indispensable product for those people who decided to lose weight, because it contains substances that contribute to fat burning. In the diet as often as possible should be present products such as nuts, citrus cultures, onions and garlic, which contribute to strengthening immunity.

In this case, you should limit and completely abandon the sausage and confectionery products, because in most of them contains a lot of combined fats, which worsen the composition of blood and lead to a Bioretin pirms un pēc weakening of the protective properties of the organism to resist the diseases.