Tips That Will Help Improve the Work of the Heart

In order to strengthen the work of the heart and blood vessels, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules.

One of them is the conduct of an active lifestyle, with moderate physical exertion. Chinese scientists managed to prove that daily walks for thirty minutes, by 70% reduce the risk of heart attacks.

Everyone knows that with food our body receives all the necessary substances for normal functioning, therefore it is necessary to give preference to dietary nutrition, excluding from the diet harmful products with a high content of combined fats, sugar, salt, not to mention chemical additives.

Most often eat vegetables, fruits, herbs, berries, while not forgetting that some products dilute the blood, preventing the appearance of blood clots.

These include the weight of citrus cultures, as well as dog rose, grapes and apples. The state of the bone system directly affects the work of the heart, therefore, to prevent the development of arthritis, it is recommended to eat foods high in calcium and other nutrients, giving preference to leguminous crops, sour-milk and marine products.

Should Limit Salt Consumption

A product that adversely affects the performance of the entire cardiac system is salt, because it delays the removal of fluid from the body. Therefore, its use should be limited, but not completely abandoned, given the fact that almost all finished products contain enough.

As for the consumption of sugar, it is also better to reduce, especially as it provokes the appearance of excess weight.

To prevent dehydration of the body, which can lead to disruption of the metabolism, it is necessary to drink about two liters of water daily, which also contributes to the dilution of blood, especially in summer. Adults are recommended to consume a small amount of red dry wine, which contains antioxidants that help improve heart function.

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