There is a Problem of Childhood Obesity

There is a Problem of Childhood ObesityObesity is one of the main problems in many countries, and this applies to people of different age groups, including children.

Especially it became relevant after the advent of the Internet, because children became less active.

Often there is a situation where young people, practically all their free time, devote to electronic devices, which naturally Bactenorm ประเทศไทย negatively affects the general state of health.

Literally a few years ago, children were more often in the open air playing different games, such as football, volleyball and others, regardless of the time of the year.

If in the summer they were given the opportunity to ride a bicycle, swim in open water, then in the winter skates and skis were popular.

Currently, the government of many countries are doing everything possible to open more sports grounds, skating rinks, and also to include in the school programs MaxiSize Gel Switzerland various sports, including swimming.

And this despite the fact that the holding of such events requires significant amounts of funds, because the construction of a swimming pool or a stadium requires considerable expenditure.

The causes of excess weight

The causes of excess weight in childrenIn most cases, obesity in children appears due to an unwillingness to lead an active lifestyle, because daily jogging and physical education, with proper nutrition, will provide a good physical shape.

Experts say that the problem of the appearance of excess weight should be paid attention from early childhood. The fact is that some parents, especially MaxiSize gel France grandparents, believe that the child eats little, so they try to use any methods to feed the baby. To do this, during feeding, often the child is seated in front of a computer monitor or TV and includes cartoons for them, as a result of which he consumes food without feeling full, which causes him to overeat. American scientists for five years, conducted a study, which resulted in the fact that it is watching TV while eating, contributes to obesity. As for the habit of including music during a meal, it does not affect the appetite and the person does not get distracted.

Do not forget that on TV is often advertising food, and, more often than not, those that do not belong to healthy food, for example, chips, dog-walking and others. Looking at such programs, the children are postponed in memory, and in the MaxiSize Gel Schweiz future they prefer this kind of food, especially during a snack at school. In addition, for a long time in front of the TV in children and adults, the psychological state deteriorates, as a result of which sleep is disturbed, and as it is known, lack of sleep is one of the reasons for the appearance of excess weight. To prevent obesity at an early age, from which there are various diseases, you must adhere to certain rules.

In addition to an active lifestyle, pay attention to nutrition, the diet of which includes more vegetables, fruits, as well as products that can remove harmful accumulation and purify the body. Scientists from the UK predict that in less than 15 years the degree of obesity of children living Hondrocream reviews in European countries can reach a critical level.