The Problems Arising From The Seated Work In The Office

The Problems Arising From The Seated Work In The OfficeExperts say that in our time there is a growing number of people who spend too much time in a sitting position.

Moreover, this concerns not only office workers who fulfill their functional duties, but also ordinary citizens who sit for a long time in front of TV screens or computer monitors. Especially it became actual Bioretin ženská kosmetika in our time with the advent of the Internet, which people of different age categories use.

In most European countries, it is available in almost all regions and covers more than 94% of the population. In this case, there is a certain type of people who spend 24 hours in a sitting position for 14 hours, without thinking about what harm they do to the body. American scientists, having Bioretin naiste kosmeetika conducted the study, which participants became more than 10 thousand people, found out the main health risks due to prolonged stay in a sitting position. The main ones are:

– overweight
– risk of cardiovascular disease
– development of chronic diseases
– problems with psychological state

As for obesity, sedentary work does not allow you to burn excess calories, which turn into fatty deposits. It is well known that the cause of most diseases is overweight, because of which not only the blood supply system worsens, but there is an additional load on the organs of movement, especially the joints, resulting in arthritis and other diseases.

Negative Effects On The Work Of The Cardiovascular System

A sedentary lifestyle causes irreparable harm to the work of the heart and brain, because blood circulation is worsening, because of which there is a possibility of the appearance of thrombi.

In addition, the elasticity of the blood vessels worsens, especially if you do not adhere to dietary Bioretin cosmétiques pour femmes nutrition.

Experts argue that for those people who sit for a long time, it is necessary to individually select a diet, in which to give priority to vegetables, fruits, as well as products with a low content of calories. As for fats, it is not recommended to completely exclude them, but it is worth paying more attention to vegetable fats, especially olive oil, which contains many useful substances that improve the digestive system, as well as removing harmful accumulations from the body.

Spanish scientists have proved that such oil has anti-inflammatory properties, and some varieties are sold in pharmacies as medicines. Those people who spend Bioretin cosméticos para mujeres more than 10 hours a day sitting more often suffer from such chronic diseases as diabetes, hypertension and others.

In addition, viewing TV shows or serials, long communication in social networks negatively affects the psychological state and manifests itself in the form of sleep disturbances, irritability, rapid fatigue, and the appearance of headaches, which adversely affects the quality of life.

To avoid such problems, you need to exercise daily, spending at least an hour. In addition, after every fifty minutes of Bioretin cosméticos femininos sitting, conduct a warm-up, lasting at least 10 minutes. Due to the fact that while there is a long time in the room, there is a lack of oxygen in the blood, because of which the brain’s work gets worse, it is necessary to visit the fresh air more often, regardless of the weather conditions.