The Problem of Child Obesity

According to specialists, at present one of the problems existing in many countries is childhood obesity.

The fact is that every year the number of children with weight exceeds the permissible norms grows, and the main reasons for this are malnutrition, as well as a sedentary lifestyle. At the same time, many parents believe that their children, especially young children, do not eat enough food and try to force any method to eat it more than usual, without thinking that it leads to obesity.

It is not a secret to anyone that most diseases, including chronic ones, are caused by excess weight.

An important role is played by what dishes are more often present in his menu. The fact is that fast food, as well as most confectionery products, contain a large amount of sugar, artificial substitutes, combined fats, and other additives that make foods high-calorie and contribute to the development of obesity.

In addition, frequent use of such products adversely affects the work of the stomach and intestines, especially for sweet soda water, packaged juices, as well as chips and others.

It is natural to completely exclude them from the diet is not always possible, but it is necessary to limit it. Do not forget that any sweets that do not belong to useful, can be successfully replaced with honey, black chocolate, dried fruits.

The Weight of the Child Should not Exceed 15% of the Norm

If you notice that the weight of the child exceeds the age limit, you need to seriously tackle the problem. To do this, use more vegetables and fruits, and reduce portions, but the number of meals to increase.

If the child is a schoolboy, then instead of eating a hamburger or duck during a snack, better give him nuts, a banana, an apple or other useful food.

No proper nutrition will produce the desired result if the child is sitting all day in front of a computer monitor or a television set. It should be remembered that the optimal weight loss should not be more than 500 grams per week, because rapid weight loss often leads to a re-weighting.

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