The Main Causes Of The Appearance Of Hypertension

According to statistics, more than a billion people worldwide suffer from hypertension, and, with each year, this figure is constantly increasing.

The main causes of this disease are malnutrition, bad habits, sedentary Electricity Saving Box zařízení koupit lifestyle, and frequent stress. However, as it became known, as a result of joint research by American and Australian scientists, it was proved that heredity plays a big role, affecting the possibility of the appearance of hypertension.

The fact is that the gene, inherited, stimulates the production of the hormone aldosterone, which is capable of increasing blood pressure.

Thus, those people who have hypertensive families in the family are 99% at Electricity Saving Box Gerät kaufen risk of inheriting such a disease. At the same time maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an important factor, due to which it is possible to prevent its emergence and development.

The Psychological State Plays An Important Role

Health in many respects depends on the psychological state, as evidenced by the fact that optimistic people are much less likely to be exposed to various diseases, as well as longevity. Therefore, try to avoid nervous stress, getting only positive emotions.

To do this, smile more often, communicate with friends, and also rest, travel, do your favorite business and sports.

Often the cause of high blood pressure is clogged blood vessels, usually this applies to the elderly, and the main reason for this is malnutrition.

In our time in the manufacture of food, manufacturers widely use various harmful substances, including Electricity Saving Box appareil acheter combined fats, which worsen the composition of blood, which leads to the appearance of clots. In this case, there are two harmful products, without use, which our body can not work normally, but their excess leads to negative consequences, including slowing the withdrawal of fluid from the body, which also affects the changes in blood pressure.

This applies to sugar and salt, when using them it is worth considering that they are present in almost all finished products. Among hypertensive people are more likely to have overweight people, so try to do everything possible to prevent obesity.

It is not recommended to adhere to strict diets, because Electricity Saving Box uređaj kupiti this negatively affects the metabolic process and reduces the protective functions of the body.

This is especially true in the winter period, when the risk of colds and infectious diseases increases. An increasing number of residents of European countries refuse to smoke, and this is not surprising, because such a habit leads to a number of diseases, including cancer.

In addition, smokers often suffer from increased blood pressure, because Electricity Saving Box naprava kupiti smoking contributes to vasoconstriction, which in turn worsens blood supply. The same applies to alcohol abuse, which causes the blood vessels to lose their elasticity. Adhering to these simple tips, you can prevent the emergence of many diseases, including hypertension.