The Causes Of The Appearance Of Puffiness Under The Eyes

There is a certain category of people who often have swelling under the eyes.

Most experts claim that most often this is not evidence of any serious diseases, but refers to cosmetic deficiencies.

However, there are cases when puffiness may indicate a violation of the work of certain organs, most often the heart and kidneys, so in case of its appearance, especially with rapid development, it is better to seek medical advice from a doctor.

The cause of its appearance may be heredity, as well as excess fluid in the body or the aging process, resulting in the skin losing its elasticity.

Most often, changing the way of life can, within a certain period of time, get rid of this problem, which is especially unpleasant for women.

Important Role Playing Sleep

One of the important factors is the quality of sleep, because lack of sleep leads not only to the appearance of puffiness, but also to the appearance of dark circles.

In this case, an important role is played by the position of the person sleeping, because lying on his stomach, the flow of blood and fluid to the face increases.

It is worth remembering that for an adult, the duration of sleep should not be less than seven hours a day.

Everyone knows that for normal operation of the body, it is necessary to drink at least two liters of water during the day, while remembering that a large amount of drunk flu before bedtime can also cause swelling. In addition, the abuse of caffeine contributes to dehydration of the skin, which leads to its dryness.

The same applies to alcohol, drunk in large quantities, which is why the work of all organs is disrupted and the aging process is accelerated.

There are some products that delay the withdrawal of fluid from the body and to such, for example, salt, the daily use of which is recommended to monitor. It should be borne in mind that it is contained in almost all products, especially those that have undergone processing. One of the most harmful habits, which adversely affects the physical and psychological state of a person, is smoking.