Than strawberry is useful to an organism of women and men

Favourite berry of adults and children, strawberry, has great tastes and a set of useful properties. Its unusual popularity is explained by it. In this article we will talk about advantage of strawberry.

What useful substances contain, the chemical composition, vitamins

The substances having beneficial influence on a human body are a part of strawberry. On vitamin C content it costs on the second ambassador of currant the place.

From 20 kinds of vitamins B six are present at this garden delicacy. In small amounts — iodine and routines. And glucose content is very high.

What else useful substances contain in berry (in 100 g/mg):

  1. Vitamins: With — 60, N — 4.0, E — 0.5, V — 0.46, And — 0.005.
  2. Minerals: potassium — 161, calcium — 40, magnesium — 18, sodium — 18, it is gray — 12, iron — 1.2.
  3. Minerals: iron — 1.2, selenium — 0.7, manganese — 0.2, copper — 0.1.
  4. Other substances: water — 87, carbohydrates — 7.5, cellulose — 2.2, organic acids (salicylic, folic, oxalic) — 1.3.

The number of calories in the fresh, frozen, dried berry, a day portion

Caloric content is fresher and the frozen strawberry is low, you should not be afraid for a figure. Minus frozen berry in lower content of vitamins and minerals which collapse when freezing.

Caloric content of jam increases at the expense of sugar. For comparison the number of calories in 100 g of berry:

  • fresh – 35 kcal;
  • frozen – 28 kcal;
  • dried – 280 kcal;
  • jam – 286 kcal;
  • strawberry with cream – 360 kcal.

Despite low caloric content, in consumption of strawberry also there has to be a measure. Nutritionists advise no more than 500 g a day.

Advantage of strawberry for a human body

The useful substances which are contained in a garden wild strawberry positively affect health. In what usefulness of berry:

  • thanks to the huge content of vitamin C, the use of a garden wild strawberry increases immunity and helps to struggle with colds;
  • availability of potassium helps to maintain normal acid-base balance, normalizes pressure;
  • it is used as diuretic;
  • promotes maintaining sight and health of eyes;
  • removes harmful substances and eliminates adjournment of salts;
  • is one of prophylactics against oncology;
  • it is useful at the increased arterial blood pressure;
  • improves work of a brain, memory;
  • normalizes nervous system;
  • rejuvenates an organism;
  • strengthens a cardiovascular system;
  • reduces cholesterol, sugar level in blood;
  • improves work of a GIT;
  • normalizes a metabolism;
  • improves work of a liver, gall bladder, promotes elimination of stones.

During a summer season it is necessary to include useful berry in a diet of children and adults. With caution strawberry should be taken to people with stomach diseases, especially during the sharp period.

For health of men

Strawberry improves activity of endocrine glands. At men glands producing sex hormones, a prostate gland concern those.

Vitamin C prevents formation of carcinogens which often are the reason of a prostate cancer.

Strawberry has a positive impact on a hormonal background. Fruits raise a potentiality, and ten berries can play a crucial role before intimacy. Action it is equated to well-known Viagra.

Medicinal properties for women

Fruits contain folic acid which is useful to female health. Folata contribute to conception and the harmonious development of a fruit.

Berries are an effective remedy of prevention of an oncological disease of a mammary gland.

Substances which contain fruits create obstacles to aging, improve a metabolism, allowing to support a figure.

For children

Garden wild strawberry — not only tasty, but also very useful to kids. Fruits contain a large number of the fruit sugar stimulating work of a brain and physical activity of the child.

Berry pectin positively affects work of a gastrointestinal tract, creates useful microflora in intestines.

Vitamin C strengthens immunity. Consumption of strawberry serves as prevention intestinal and the ENT specialist infections, it helps to support hemoglobin normal.

Strawberry is allowed to be given to children, since decimestrial age. For the first reception there is enough half of a teaspoon to be convinced of absence of an allergy.

The daily portion makes no more than three pieces. Since three years the quantity can be increased to five.

Possible harm and contraindications

And still these fragrant lots are not so safe. Organic acids can do harm — to provoke exacerbation of diseases of a digestive tract.

Reaction of oxalic acid with calcium gives oxalate threatening with exacerbation of diseases of kidneys, diseases of a GIT, osteoporosis, appearance of caries.

It it is better to refuse the use at the increased formation of gastric juice, hepatic and gastric gripes.

It is not recommended in large numbers to pregnant women and children up to three years, in order to avoid an allergy. It is not desirable to eat it on an empty stomach.

Council! Fermented milk products will help to reduce risk of allergic reaction.


Strawberry has the wide range of use: cookery, cosmetics, medicine.
Traditional medicine

In traditional medicine use berries and leaves.

For auxiliary therapy of intestines, kidneys, hypertensions recommend to accept daily several glasses of strawberry tea. It is possible to prepare it the next way: fill in 2 tablespoons of dried fruits and leaves with a glass of boiled water, leave for 15 minutes.

At inflammation of kidneys and urinary tract broth of strawberry leaves will bring benefit. The handful of the crushed leaves is filled in oh, by 5 l of water, boil 10 minutes, drink to food on a half-glass.

At inflammatory processes of an oral cavity infusion of flowers and leaves will help. Within an hour to draw a raw materials tablespoon in a thermos. To rinse a mouth or a throat at an interval of the 2nd hour.


Berries are actively used for cosmetic masks. If skin needs moistening and clarification, then such recipes will be useful.

All-type skin. To pound several ripe berries. For oily and normal skin add 2 tablespoons of kefir. Dry before the procedure it is necessary to wipe with vegetable oil. Gruel is put on a face, in 15 minutes washed away water.

For dry skin. To knead several pieces. 1 tablespoons of berry gruel, 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 tsp of the moisturizing face cream — to mix. To put on a face, to hold 10 minutes, to wash.

For oily skin. To knead, fill in several features with a quarter of a glass of a tea mushroom. In 3 hours to merge liquid, to apply gruel to skin. Half an hour later to remove a thick a sponge, to rinse a face water.

For clarification, inflammation removal. Option 1: to squeeze out juice of berries and to pour on molds for ice. To freeze and twice a day to wipe a face with strawberry small pieces of ice.

Option 2: to connect strawberry juice to juice of an aloe (1:1), to wipe a face throughout day.

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