Symptoms that Indicate Diabetes

Due to the fact that more and more people are overweight, namely, it is primarily one of the causes of the onset of diabetes, this disease is spreading more and more.

And, if ten years ago, most diabetics were people of retirement age, now, it is more common among young people.

The main reason for this is the emergence of computers and the Internet, because most young people spend virtually all their time with these electronic devices, while not even suspecting how much harm they cause their body. This is not speaking of food, in which there are various kinds of additives that are harmful.

Occurrence of some symptoms may indicate the need for testing for diabetes, and, the earlier you do this, the more likely you are to recover. One is irritation on the skin, which causes itching, and more often, it is observed on the hands or feet.

If, despite hygiene compliance, you have dandruff, then this can also indicate a type 2 diabetes. Here you can add the appearance of snoring, as well as deterioration of eyesight and hearing.

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